The boost of cryptocurrency has led to the introduction of new digital wallets in the market to store crypto coins. One of the most popular digital wallets is offered by Coinbase. Its popularity has made it rank among the top 3 digital wallet players out there. Founded in 2012, The brand is a trustable crypto exchange platform to trade your crypto coins anytime you want with advanced security features and customer support. Coinbase walletis incorporated with the exchange platform, which makes it the safest crypto wallet in the world, it uses hot storage for cryptocurrencies, which gives it the name of hot crypto wallet.

A look into the features:

  1. You can trade your non-fungible tokens which are tradable on the platform, you can buy and sell them on various platforms.
  2. Packed with Secure Enclave which tightly protects public and private keys. The strongest security feature built by Coinbase coupled with biometric authentication, restricted user-only entry, optional cloud backups, and other such features makes it completely secure and trustable.
  3. You can connect the wallet to a crypto-friendly bank account, the wallet is compatible with major fiat currencies including US Dollars.

Services Offered:

  1. After storing your crypto coins in the wallet you can link them with decentralized finance (Defi) innovations. They can participate in online airdrops, which lets the user earn crypto coins for free.
  2. The wallet can be used to invest in Stablecoins and altcoins at the lowest market prices and collect rare digital collectibles like NFTs.
  3. You can use the wallet to buy and sell anything at crypto-friendly stores. Coinbase wallet is accepted by most such stores.


It is quite an easy process with a few steps to be followed, and the Coinbase wallet will be up and ready to be used. Below are the steps for your convenience-

  1. Sign up- the first step is to provide details such as first and last name, email address, and phone numbers, and then create a secure password for the wallet account.
  2. Select your account type- then comes the step of choosing between individual or business account type. If a huge volume of cryptocurrencies has to be stored then a business account is suitable, otherwise, an individual user account will also serve the purpose.
  3. Verify your phone number- verification of the phone number is required at the last step, and this will be followed in the future too, each time you access the wallet.

Once all 3 steps above are followed, then comes the part of adding a payment method to the wallet such as a credit card or bank transfer, through which you can flow the fiat money in and out of the wallet to invest in suitable crypto assets.

 List of Crypto assets that are supported by Coinbase Wallet:

It is important to know that the wallet is supported by limited digital assets only so the user can know if this is the right platform for his purpose. Below is the complete list:

The wallet also supports more than 50 fiat currencies which can be used to add funds to the wallet.


User-friendliness and the strongest security features topped with a solid reputation sum up the Coinbase wallet to be an excellent digital Wallet, which has the potential to grow exponentially if it keeps on incorporating the rapid changes in the world of digital finance. Users don't have to think twice before diving into the crypto world with this wallet

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